Elder Kyle Jensen

Elder Kyle Jensen
I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am serving and sharing the Gospel in Las Vegas, Nevada until April 2015

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I received your pictures.  They were very precious.  Dad’s was especially impressive.  I might have it framed when I return.  One thing that I want to share with Emily and perhaps other students in our ward would be: VALUE SEMINARY! I was a pretty good seminary student when I was in High School, however, there is so much more that I could have gotten out of the experience if I had not been so ignorant and arrogant.  Seminary is the most important class in High School.  It should not be a lesser priority.  I wish that I had seen this my first year and that I had truly studied all 4 sections of the scriptures with diligence.  With the material I’ve learned from Seminary, accompanied by my religion classes at BYU-Idaho, I’ve become the scriptorian in my district.  The sad thing is that I really do’t know the scriptures as well as a missionary should (or any member of the church).  I invite all of you to read the scriptures and study them. I especially encourage you to study the Old and New Testaments.  I have realized that even among fellow missionaries there is a lack of basic understanding of the Old and New Testaments.
I’m grateful that all of you have been praying for me.
Funny Story-One of the sisters in my district prayed that she would have more endorphins in her body do that she could stay awake in class( or some other hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle-I can’t remember the endocrine system very well anymore)  Anyways, the next morning our building was under construction so we were moved to a different classroom on the 5th floor of the farthest building on campus.  There have been days when we have climbed up all those stairs 30+ times.  
Moral of the STORY:  Prayers can be dangerous.  
(If your going to pray for me, be careful what you say)
You are all welcome to send me questions if I have not covered everything of interest to you.  Also, I am open to scriptural/doctrinal questions as well.  They could help me prepare to teach others.

Kyle Jensen

April 22, 2013

I apologize that this won’t be much of a letter.  I’ve been incredibly busy and I’m exhausted.  There has been very little time to write, and I’ve struggled just to get to bed before curfew.  But in the few minutes that I have to write you this letter, I just want to tell you that I love you and that I’m grateful for your love and support you have shown me.  I have never been this tired and happy simultaneously.  It’s incredible to experience a companionship with the Holy Ghost that is as powerful and constant as the companionship that exists when in the service of the Lord as a missionary.  Heaven isn’t a life of luxury, it is a lot of work, all that I can physically and spiritually endure.  But I want you to know that I’m doing all right and tell you that I love you.  By the way it may interest you to know that my companion is named Elder Owens, and he is from Alaska.  Also, tonight I was asked to b e District Leader.  I’m not sure what that entails exactly, but I think it just means that I am the mail man for 2 weeks.   Also, I have to start playing  the piano for meetings.   I will tell you more when I get a chance.  For now just know that my blessings (patriarchal & missionary) are being fulfilled. 

Elder Kyle Jensen

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Less Active Member Teaching Experience

This morning Elder Owens and I met with George Peterson.  Initially our discussion was a little empty and it lacked compassion.  It began with Elder Owens and I expressing the fact that we all sin and that we must all repent.  Brother Peterson, being a less active member, expressed his disgust at the way the people from the church judge him and scrutinize on his sins.  I tried to use Alma 7:11-12 to express that Jesus Christ understands everyone’s pain, but the scripture didn’t have the impact that I had intended.  After an exchange of bitterness and hopelessness, I asked George if I could have a moment to ponder the scriptures and search for the message that the Lord would have me share.  At first I looked through some scriptures that I had been studying previously, then I asked George if we could have word of prayer.  I cannot record word for word what I prayed for but it was a sincere and powerful prayer.  Afterwards I turned to D&C 123:3, 7 and D&C 122: 9.  At this point George was in tears and he asked me to share the verse again.  The phrase that stood out to him was “fear not what men can do” and “God shall be with you forever and ever”.  The Holy Ghost shared a message with George that was beyond anything that I could have ever shared with him.  He began to open up and discuss the trials that he had faced and he explained that he realized that he need to to stop worrying about what we think of him and start worrying more about what God thought of him .  He expressed his feelings about his wife that left him and his children that fell away from the church.  But he recognized the power of the Atonement and was able to feel the desire to come unto Christ and endure to the end.  At this point he said that he was ready to hear our message- to which I explained that we weren’t prepared w/a lesson.  But his desire for more led us to a discussion in which Elder Owens opened up and shared a personal story about his family and a connection was created between Elder Owens and George.  George expressed God’s will to Elder Owens and told him to write to his brother about his mission.  He explained to Elder Owen’s how to write the letter and promised him that if he did, Elder Owen’s brother would come unto Christ and be married in the temple.  It was surely revelation, as the spirit was present and the message was truth.  Elder Owen’s heard a similar promise in the priesthood blessing he received in class from Brother Clark.  The first blessing told him of the promise and George told him how to go about bringing that promise forth.  All who were present felt the Holy Ghost and received an outpouring of revelation from God.  It was truly incredible to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands.  And I’m grateful that the Lord prepared me so that I could participate in this even.  I have never felt so much love towards a complete stranger in all my life.  It was truly incredible.
See D&C 84:85
Kyle Jensen

I remember that I wanted to say to George, “forget yourself and come back to the church”-however, I recognized that he already felt that attitude from the members, I felt the Lord’s compassion for him and shared the scripture mentioned above.  The Holy Ghost gave him the impression that he needed to get over his feelings of being-wronged and return to the church.