Elder Kyle Jensen

Elder Kyle Jensen
I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am serving and sharing the Gospel in Las Vegas, Nevada until April 2015

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Companion/Ward 7/22/13

I was assigned to serve in the Shadow-Creek Ward with Elder Kyle James Claridge from Oregon. I am going to be in a new district, but the same zone (and the same Stake). In fact, I will still be meeting in the same church building. It's kind of funny because we recently had 3 or 4 families move from the Mountain Shadows ward into the Shadow Creek ward, so I've actually already met a few of the families (we helped them move). I believe that one of the families was the Cardall family (the ones that sent you a picture of me). My ward is a little upset that they are losing me to the Shadow Creek ward - they said "not you too!"
As far as my companion goes, I already know a little bit about him since I see him every morning at morning sports. Also, I see him on Mondays at the Stake Center when we come to do emails. It was interesting that I was assigned to him because he was one of the few people in our zone that I hadn't really ever talked to.
This weekend our Stake had a pioneer day celebration on Friday and Saturday. Apparently it is the Second biggest pioneer day event (second to Utah). However, this year we had remarkably terrible weather. At first it started out as a normal cloudless sunny day (well over 100 degrees). But then out of nowhere there was a blast of sandy wind followed by the biggest storm that I have ever experienced. I thought I knew what heavy rain was back at home, but I never could have imagined this. We were drenched with water instantly, and the pavilion did nothing to protect us because it came sideways. There were hailstones the size of walnuts and lightning all around us. I have never seen lightning so close up. A car in the church parking lot was struck by lightning and all of the power went out. The food was carried away in the newly formed rivers that covered the sidewalks. I had just started dinner at the time and my plate became a bowl of soup within seconds (then of course it kind of just fell apart). 

Elder Jensen

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